Kindergarten Homeschool

Homeschooling a Kindergartener has come with a lot of challenges for me. What I am currently concentrating on is helping my little guy learn his sounds. I have been using books, apps, and movies to help me out.

Here are some of the things I have used. I like this website but I do prefer the app on my phone or tablet. It has free access to certain activities and unlimited with a paid membership. I like this website a lot. It has limited access, but is unlimited with membership. It offers math and language arts practice for pre-k to 12th grade. It also has social studies and science for grades 2 to 5th grade.

My First Steps to Reading Complete Set by Jane Belk Moncure I got these books at my local used book store when my daughter was 3 years old. She enjoyed them because she was able to read along with me. All the books are similar. Some words change according to the letter to help them learn the letter sound. Even tough my kiddos couldn’t read they memorized the story and have been able to learn sight words that are repeated through out the book. We just started using this website this year and my kiddos love it. The website makes suggestions on books based on a questionnaire at the beginning of accessing the app.  It is only available with membership. They offer a free trial for a month. We have used Razkids but my kiddos like the book selection here a lot more.

Spectrum Workbooks I really like their workbooks. They have made a great difference in how my kiddos learn new material.

Brain Quest My kiddos love to go over the questions from these cards. We usually do a few cards for fun after their bed time story.

I also like to use Youtube for kids phonics videos  or sight word songs.



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