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Why Do I Feel Guilty?

I’ve heard of other mothers say they feel guilty when going to the store and wanting to purchase something for themselves. I struggle with that. I can come up with 20 reasons why I shouldn’t purchase a cute shirt or a very cute dress for myself. I enjoy going to the stores to look around… Continue reading Why Do I Feel Guilty?

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I am In Charge Now!

I wrote this to share with everyone how FAM has worked for me. These are just my opinions and my story for those considering the FAM.

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I Want To Be Emotionally Intelligent!

I tell my kiddos and my husband that I love them various times a day. I feel guilty that I don’t say it enough to other family members. When I do, I sometimes  feel awkward  or embarrassed. Is that normal? I don’t think so. I feel like it is out of my comfort zone. I sound ridiculous I… Continue reading I Want To Be Emotionally Intelligent!