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I am In Charge Now!

It is scary to try new things, specially when not knowing if they will work. Now talking about birth control and trying something never heard of before, that is scary! This is my story on how I found a birth control that works for me.

Two years after I had my first baby I was told that the pain I was experiencing in my knees was probably due to the birth control I was using. Apparently my body was not absorbing vitamin D properly. As soon as my appointment was over I decided to change to a different type of birth control, but it didn’t work out for me either. I ended up pregnant. After my pregnancy I thought that an IUD would be something good to try. Two years later I was without a period, 40 lbs heavier, and with no energy.

I decided to give birth control pills a try, but I continued with all of the side effects. Since the pill didn’t change anything I decided to look for other options. I didn’t really find much. I looked on YouTube and one video popped up. It read on the description, “Natural Birth Control”. A woman began to talk about FAM, or Fertility Awareness Method.

The woman mentioned a book that talks about the method in more detail. I was very curious, but I still didn’t believe it was possible. How is it that no one knows about it? Why did my doctor not provide this option for me? I was definitely not convinced, but I wanted to know more. I looked up more videos. I wanted to know if it really worked, how long had these women used this method and if it was true. The more I looked for information the more intrigued I became. I had to get the book!

I went to my local used book store and found the book. I got it and read it in a day. I was still not sure I wanted to try it. What if I got pregnant? I spoke to my husband and we determined it would be a good time to get pregnant, if it happened. I got off birth control pills that same day. I followed what the book said and was off the pill. It worked! I did not get pregnant. I lost the weight and felt stronger. I had more energy and was able to run around and stay awake through out the day. I was so happy that I had made that change for my body. I didn’t want to limit our health with just changing my hormonal intake, so I began a healthier diet for all of my family. I wanted to be more aware of what we ate and kept in our pantry. It has been harder for my children and husband, but we have been able to teach our children of the benefits and importance of eating healthier.

Through this method it is easy to determine when the best time to get pregnant will be. After a year of using FAM my husband and I decided it was time for us to try for our 3rd baby. We got pregnant right away. I loved that I was able to go through my pregnancy knowing when we conceived and exactly how far along in my pregnancy I was.

Now that I have said my story I will tell you about the method that this book talks about (“Taking Charge of Your Fertility” by Toni Weschler). Of course if you are interested get the book. If you are not too sure look up videos and reviews. There are a lot of resources, but this book is very good, teaches how to use the method, and it is very easy to understand.

The FAM method involves taking basal body temperature(taking your temperature as soon as you wake up), looking at cervical mucus(cervical discharge) and checking the cervical position(how your cervix feels). These are the main things to look at and consider when following this method. You record your results every day. There are charts that can be printed out or there are apps that can be downloaded onto smart phones. When you look at your chart you will be able to know whether or not you ovulate (when your egg is released), how long your luteal phase is (from ovulation to menstruation), when your fertile window is(when you can become pregnant), when you can have unprotected sex without getting pregnant, and when you should be getting your period, and know if you are pregnant within a couple of weeks after your ovulation day.

The book is based on 4 rules.

First 5 Days Rule
Dry Day Rule
Temperature Shift Rule
Peak Day Rule

It is very simple once it is understood, but it does seem difficult at first. This is how a chart looks like.

This chart is where the temperature is charted. A Cycle begins on the first day of the menstrual cycle. The basal temperature should be taken first thing in the morning before getting up from bed around the same time every day.


Here is an explanation of how the rules work. {FIRST 5 DAYS RULE} The first 5 days of my period I have my period. For me those 5 days are safe (don’t need protection). After the 5 days I don’t risk not using protection. The 2nd rule {DRY DAY RULE} says you are safe if you are dry all day (without any cervical mucus). When my temperature drops dramatically I know I am about to ovulate the next day. During the time of my ovulation I have cervical mucus and those days are not safe. It’s confirmed I have ovulated when my temperature increases significantly. That’s an indicator that yes I ovulated, but there is still the possibility of ovulating and releasing another egg with-in 24 hours of the first egg has been released, so there is a {TEMPERATURE SHIFT RULE} that says it is safe the evening of the 3rd day of consecutive temperature that is above the cover line (cover line is the temperature before ovulation was noticed). The 4th rule {PEAK DAY RULE} also is similar in that it says it is safe the evening of 4 consecutive days after the peak day which the peak day will be the most fertile day. I like to wait 4 days after my increase of temperature.

This is my short version of what I have learned. I truly believe I am now in charge of my Fertility. FAM has been very helpful both for preventing and helping me become pregnant.

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