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I Want To Be Emotionally Intelligent!

I tell my kiddos and my husband that I love them various times a day. I feel guilty that I don’t say it enough to other family members. When I do, I sometimes  feel awkward  or embarrassed. Is that normal? I don’t think so. I feel like it is out of my comfort zone. I sound ridiculous I bet. How could I feel that way towards my family?

I read an article about being emotionally intelligent. This article talks about 7 habits of emotionally intelligent people. I had never heard of being emotionally intelligent. I was very interested to see what it said. I considered my self to be very emotionally stable, but emotionally intelligent? I didn’t know what that ment. I read through the 7 steps, read about what it means to be emotionally intelligent and took a little quiz (which I scored: Average Emotional Intelligence) and soon realized I need to get a lot smarter. I want to be Emotionally Intelligent!



2 thoughts on “I Want To Be Emotionally Intelligent!

  1. Saying ‘I love you’ first to people makes us feel vulnerable. What if they laugh or shrug it off? What if they feel uncomfortable too?
    And strong people don’t enjoy feeling vulnerable.
    Saying I love you is brave. I feel the same way too. But you’re conscious of your need to say it, so I’d say that in itself is a great thing.
    There are no bad consequences of saying i love you once in a while, if anything it’ll make their day just a little brighter.


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