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A Stay at Home Mom’s Dilemma

I love that I am able to be home with my kiddos. I’m so blessed to have my husband go to work so I don’t have to. The plan we had before we had any kids was for me to continue working after we had our first child, but once we had her I said, “nope not going back”.

When my two kiddos were older I was looking For a job (it was a night shift ) but they got back to me when I found out I was pregnant with my third baby. I told my husband in a way I’m glad I didn’t get the job because I changed my mind about working in a hospital setting. I dont want to bring something contagious home. I remember getting home before and I wouldn’t allow anyone to touch me until I took a shower. I would sanitize my scrubs as soon as I took them off. My shoes I left outside.

Going to work there was people my age, I could socialize with. Sometimes I miss it. I miss having someone else to talk to during the day, just to have a random conversation. But I would miss being here with the kids more.

I went back to take some classes at a local college. I loved it, because I was able to speak and interact with other adults. I was going to school from 5 to 10pm but my kiddos were missing me. Specially my oldest. My sister in law would take care of them and put them to sleep for me. When I got home they would be asleep.

I would only see my oldest when I dropped her off in the morning at school and when I would pick her up from school. She began crying at school. She would tell her teacher she missed me. I received phone calls during that time to go pick her up because she wouldn’t stop crying at school. When I picked her up she would start crying as soon as she would see me. Sometimes I would find her already crying. I felt so bad.

So I took time off school to spend more time with my kids. Right now my kids are my priority. School and work will always be there. For now I will dedicated all of my time and attention to my family. I don’t want to miss a thing!


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