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Empowering Our Children

How my kids value themselves is very important to me. As their parent I want them to feel confident and know that they are important. Of course I want them to be humble and kind, but I also want them to be sure of what they can do. I want them to know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. I want them to know that they matter. What they think, what they do, what they like, and what they don’t like, it all matters. If someone believes that their opinion doesn’t matter or tries to hurt them, then they don’t need that person in their lives.

When my son started playing baseball he was three years old. Some dads were very invested on training their sons as best as they could. My daughter had already been playing softball a year prior. She was the reason my son decided hwp-1460276030853e wanted to start baseball. The dads would tell their kids “No! Do not throw the ball like a girl! This is not softball so you can’t throw the ball underhand like a girl! Girls throw underhand
and soft. That’s why it’s called softball! This is baseball! Boys throw overhand and hard!”.

There was a lot of yelling going on during practices. At the time, my son was too busy playing with the dirt in the infield to notice what the dads were yelling. My daughter would just look at me with an annoyed look in her face. We did talk about it and I am glad to say, we haven’t been back. I switched my son to another baseball league and it is extremely different.

The blog I read posted a video I had seen a few months ago. The video is of a commercial where they ask various kids of different ages to run “like a girl”and to throw “like a girl”. After watching this I asked my daughter to see what she would do. She did what I expected her to. She threw as hard as she could and ran as fast as she could. My job is to make sure she continues to see her self as a strong girl. I asked her what doing something”like a girl” meant to her. She said ” to do it as best as I can because I’m a girl”. I said, “yes baby. That’s exactly what that means”.


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