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What is Best?

Today my kiddos and I went to an art gallery held at my daughter’s school.  It was so fun to walk around every classroom and look at the amazing art the kids created. My daughter was so happy to have her art piece on display. She worked so hard to capture an impressionistic style in her painting of a waterfall. It is so rewarding to see all of the learning that happens at her school.

I feel the school choice for my daughter, my husband and I have made, has been the right one. Our daughter learns the grade standards along with additional subjects. As the parent(teacher), I have been able to personalize what she learns on homeschool days. If she needs extra help on a certain subject then I am able to give her the extra help needed. If I would like to teach my daughter about a subject like the bones or organs, I can.

When I was younger I only was aware of two types of schools (public school or private school). Now that I am a parent, I learned there’s homeschool, public, private and charter schools. For our family Charter Schooling has been a great fit.

Last month was crazy. I read that there are organizations trying to have all charter schools from California close down. As a concerned parent, I believe that every parent has a different style of parenting and teaching. A student has different ways of learning.

art waterfall

For some parents public school is a good choice. For me Charter School is the best choice.




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