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The Baby Truth!

July 24th  2014

Yesterday I had my husband’s friend from work ask me a couple of questions in regards to pregnancy. She just found out she is pregnant (Yay!!). When I was done talking to her I started to think of when I was pregnant for the first time. I was 18 years old, newly married, new to college, and new to everything else. I didn’t know a thing about being a mother. I knew how to babysit a child. I had helped my mom with my younger siblings, but its nothing compared to being a Mama. I was newly married and had not realized how much this was going to change our lives. I didn’t even have time to be worried of taking care of another little human; That thought never even crossed my mind. I was happy thinking of how my husband and I would soon start our little family. I had no clue.

After I found out I was pregnant I began with morning sickness. I developed migraines, dizziness, and nausea that lasted until the end of my 2nd trimester. I lost a lot of weight and couldn’t keep anything down. I was mostly always laying down. If I was at the store and had a migraine I would have to sit and put my head down. I would see others looking so cute with their maternity clothes walking at the store while I was hunched over holding my head. It was a tough pregnancy. The good thing is that I was able to enjoy my last trimester. Which is when I gained all the “good weight” and then some : )

When our daughter was born everything changed. It was hard being there for my husband, my baby, and school all at once. I didn’t know how to be a parent. (if only babies came with instructions). I read pregnancy books, post pregnancy books, but a book does not really prepare you for what happens when having a child. I read that the babies usually wake up every two hours for the first month. Yeah, my baby was waking up every two hours until she was 9 months old. The book didn’t advice me on having an extra bottle ready, in case I dropped the one I was holding in my hand from lack of sleep. One thing is reading or hearing someone say how tired you will be and another thing is actually being tired and having to wake up every two hours. Some things you just have to learn by experience or experience them to learn how to better prepare next time.

It was tough. I remember asking myself and my husband, “How did my mom and your mom do this? how do people do this?”. I would be picking up broken milk bottles at around 3 am at least twice a week. My husband would stay up when he was off, but I would still wake up when I heard our baby crying. My body soon became accustomed to 2 hour breaks during my sleep and I was able to stay awake during the day. It was hard, soon to be moms cannot imagine how hard. Have I scared anyone yet?

Well the truth is that it is hard and child-birth does hurt, but parenthood is very rewarding. Trust me! I learned so much from my baby and from my husband that year: to be patient, attentive, responsible, organized, kind, happy, and loving (and more). Now we are a slightly bigger family with our son who came 3 years later. We are learning everyday as a family, making new experiences, and still reading a lot 🙂

April 10th 2015

Now expecting our new addition to our family this August 2015!

This is an old post I’ve had. I decided to post it. “Better late than never” ! 🙂


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