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19 Weeks Pregnant & Scared!

I am 19 weeks and will be 20 weeks in just a few days. I am so excited, happy, scared and nervous. I hate how pregnancy makes me feel. I remember with my first pregnancy I was not as worried as I have been for my second and now for my third pregnancy. I am constantly reading and looking on YouTube videos of different experiences of mothers out there. I can see what these women are going through, what their pregnancies have been like and all the complications. I am constantly scaring my self and I try to calm down and try to tell myself it will be ok. I pray and try to keep sane. this is the part of pregnancy I never look forward to. I try not to think about it but it worries me. I want everything to be good. I want my baby to be healthy and I want to be healthy too. I haven’t gotten an ultrasound since I was 13 weeks pregnant so I am really looking forward to seeing my baby this week. I hope that once I see my baby I can calm my nerves a little.


I found this picture here. Made me feel better.


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