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First Appointment !

I had my first prenatal appointment!
I was so happy and nervous to see my little one for the first time.
I checked in to my appointment and sat down to wait for my name to be called.

“This is it. It is real. I am really pregnant. I actually have a little person growing inside of me. My kiddos are going to be having a baby sister or baby brother in just a few months. I cannot feel anything. I cannot see anything, but the pregnancy test said I was pregnant so I know I am. Oh my gosh I’m pregnant!”

When I went in, the doctor began the ultrasound and then I saw the one who has been making me sick for these pass few weeks.I saw that little one that in just a few months is going to be here in my arms crying. My little baby inside my tummy, so beautiful so wonderful. My little one.

20150119_111727I was ecstatic!


5 thoughts on “First Appointment !

  1. Congrats! And let me give you some advice I wish someone had told me …esp with my last one…our heart warrior. At 20 wks be sure to ask your OB about the baby’s heart…is it beating like it should…does it have all 4 chambers and are they properly formed? Ask for a fetal heart test. Not trying to scare you but most congenital heart defects can be discovered before birth. As the Mom of a heart warrior I wish someone had told me that so we would have been more prepared.


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