Family Christmas Traditions!

These are our family christmas traditions.

  1. sing christmas carols
  2. listen to christmas songs
  3. choose and cut tree
  4. decorate tree all together
  5. hang our ornaments
  6. have hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies
  7. write a wish list and hang on tree
  8. write cards to family members and hang on tree
  9. scavenger hunt christmas eve
  10. read christmas stories by the christmas tree
  11. christmas theme picture by the tree (grinchmas)
  12. christmas movie night
  13. scavenger hunt (hide one gift on christmas eve)
  14. make christmas activities and display around the house
  15. decorate the house put up christmas light weekend of thanksgiving
  16. get hot chocolate and drive around to see christmas lights
  17. make a date day to go christmas shopping with my husband
  18. have kiddos pick out a toy to donate
  19. have kiddos pick out small presents for the rest of the family or make gifts
  20. have kiddos wrap all of their special gifts
  21. always have christmas songs playing
  22. put up kiddos individual small tree in their room
  23. put up the count down calendar and have kiddos change the day (take turns)
  24. go ice skating
  25. make some cookies for school teacher
  26. make cookies while decorating the christmas tree
  27. make the traditional christmas dinner (everyone helps)
  28. play a board game christmas eve
  29. watch hallmark channel christmas movies all december
  30. make cookies for santa and leave milk 🙂

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